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Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing Second Edition-Rapid letter naming text
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Rapid letter naming text , as part of Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing Second Edition
Rapid letter naming text , as part of Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing Second Edition
Section 5: Administration and Scoring Instructions for Subtests. Subtest 7: Rapid Letter Naming; Materials: Stopwatch, letter naming pages in Picture Book; Ceiling: discontinue only if the child is unable to do the task; Scoring: The socre for this subtest is the number of seconds that it takes the examinee to name all of the letters on the form. Items are marked incorrect if the examiee skips the letter or gives it the wrong name. If the examinee skips a line, score the first letter on the skipped line as incorrect and try to redirect the examinee to the coreect line. If the examinee hesitates for more than 2 seconds on a letter, mark it as incorrect and point to the next item. Say, Go on.
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Wagner R, Torgesen J, Rashotte C, Pearson NA. (2013). Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, Second Edition (CTOPP-2). San Antonio, TX: Pearson Clinical Assessments.

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Adult and Pediatric
Directions: Show practice page and say, What letters do you see on this page? (Point to the first letter and continue pointing if necessary. If the examinee makes any errors, correct the examinee and have him or her repeat all the letters again.) Say, You will be saying the names of some letters as fast as you can. Show the next page and say, Let's try it. When I tell you to start, you will begin here (point to upper left corner) and name this row (point to top row) before you go on to the next row. Just name the letters in each row as fast as you can until you come to the end. Try not to skip any letters. Do you understand? Put a blank sheet on top of form to cover the letters for about 5 seconds. Say, You will begin as soon as I uncover the page. Ready? Begin. Quickly take cover off the page, and start timing as soon as the examinee says the first letter name. Stop timing when the name of the last letter is pronounced. Keep track of errors by putting a slash through each wrong item. When the examinee is finished, record time and errors.
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s t n a k c t s c k a n c k t a n s t k c s n a t c n k a s n c k s t a


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Traumatic Brain Injury Assessments and Examinations Physical/Neurological Examination
General (For all diseases) Assessments and Examinations Physical/Neurological Examination


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Moderate/Severe TBI: Rehabilitation :
Concussion/Mild TBI :

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Comprehensive_Test_Of_Phonological_Processing , CTOPP2

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Ameera Chaudhry
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